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  • Wafer Substrates
  • Fused silica powder
  • Silicon single crystal products
  • Czochralski mono-crystalline si
  • Float-zone mono-crystalline sil
  • D1H010DD110 W 6 GHz GaN HEMT Di
  • 200v Schottky
  •  Schottky diode
  • Wafer


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With a deep understanding of electronic materials science, a commitment to technology leadership, a wide range of process expertise and a long history of innovation, elematerial.com offers the industrys broadest array of high performance electronic materials Elematerial.com is a leading supplier to the worldwide electronics industry, providing critical materials that enhance the performance and productivity of your manufacturing processes. We share in the strength, resources and best practices of one of the worlds leading corporations. Elematerial.com brings a unique depth and breadth of knowl......【Check the details】